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Psycho (USA, 1960)

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huntbastian said: sebastian smythe & clothes shopping :| sebastian smythe & lacrosse, sebastian smythe & morning rituals, sebastian smythe & how he takes his coffee, sebastian smythe & umumumumumumum college :| ^_^



Sebastian and clothes shopping: If he’s with Hunter, he’ll try things on just so he can show off how good his ass looks in things. He doesn’t like spending a lot of time on shopping, but he does anyway because he likes to look good in whatever he’s going to buy, though he’ll typically buy a ton of clothes in one trip so he doesn’t need to go for a while. He’s also not very good at saving money because he likes having the ~best so he shops at places like Armani even for something as simple as boxer briefs :|

Sebastian and lacrosse: He got into it in Paris and thinks it’s better than any other sport because soccer is just running back and forth, baseball is standing around, football is a joke because you call timeout every 3 seconds, etc. Lacrosse is a tough sport that requires skill and agility, so he likes it. He’s also really fucking good at it with his long legs and whatnot. He mainly plays it because he has a temper but he hates getting physical with people because it’s too ~messy and he doesn’t like getting in trouble for shit, so playing lacrosse is a good way for him to vent his frustrations by knocking into people on a field. He typically plays fair during a game, but he’s been known to have ~accidents on the field that lead to his own team’s worst players getting injured so he has an excuse to take them out of the game. The same thing goes for the best players of other teams. :|

Sebastian and morning rituals: He normally has a small breakfast of fruit or eggs or something simple, unless Hunter is with him and he wants to impress him with crepes. :| He’s pretty quick to get dressed and shower and everything, which is good because his hair takes forever. He likes when it flips up to the side in the front (like it does in season 3), and he needs it to be perfect so that takes a lot of time, skill, and hair product.

Sebastian and coffee: He takes it with a shot of Courvoisier because he’s an asshole. :| Normally when he goes out to a coffee place, he likes to switch up how he orders his coffee because he thinks it’s boring to have a ~usual~ He likes cinnamon drinks, even though he’s not normally huge on sweet things, but he usually always has a flask of Courvoisier with him because it wakes him up more when he slips it into his drink. :|

Sebastian and college: My favorite headcanon is Sebastian going to NYU for pre-law and then Columbia’s law school, though I’m not picky if it’s the other way around. He loves arguing, being right, and making money, so he thinks law would be the ideal career for him. It’s sort of stressful for him at first because in high school he got amazing grades without really needing to try and law has a ton of reading he suddenly has to do, but he knows how to take things seriously when he wants something so somehow he makes it work. Also, if he’s not roommates with Hunter, his roommate is a guy named Ernest and Sebastian hates his life because of it. :|

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The Woman in Black (UK - Canada - Sweden, 2012)

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Godzilla (USA - Japan, 2014)

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Yosuke Demukai

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